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Become a Life Time Associate with Purchase of just Rs 1200/-

Start your own wholesale supplement business with Nutriwealth products. Become a lifetime Associate by purchasing minimum Rs.1200/- MRP (20 Nutripoints) worth products. On purchase of 1200/- worth products, get Rs. 600/- MRP worth product free.

You can upgrade to an Executive and increase your weekly capping from Rs.50,000 to Rs.5,00,000/- within 30 days by re-purchasing the balance 80 nutripoints worth products and become eligible to qualify for Travel/Car/House and Royalty Fund.

Membership Benefits

  Earn 10 types of income
  Purchase products at wholesale cost ( Save more with special product offers)
  Receive industry-leading commissions and overrides.
  14 quality products to choose from and more to be added soon.
  No inventory required, you can purchase as minimum or as much as you like as per your requirement.
  Associate yourself with a company which has been created keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

Business Opportunity for Everyone

The Nutriwealth Products wholesale supplement business opportunity is for everyone, and we want people just like you! Nutriwealth’s flexible business opportunity is much more than quality supplements at wholesale prices, industry-leading Retail Margin (up to 50%), Incentives (up to 75%) or lucrative group commissions–it’s the whole package! As an Associate/Executive, you’ll enjoy company–sponsored product and business training, world-class events and exotic Rewards. Our recognition program acknowledges your efforts as you develop new skills and talents while sharing improved health and prosperity with others.

As a Nutriwealth Associate/Executive, you will have more choices when it comes to your health and vitality than with any other company.

Nutriwealth - along with our Associates/Executives and Management—is committed to building real relationships. We invite you to learn more about our wholesale supplement business opportunity and to experience the Nutriwealth difference. Contact the person who referred you to this website for additional details or download our business plan for detailed explanation.
Capping @ 5,00,000 weekly for all Executives.
Capping @ 50,000 weekly for all Associates.
Executive – All associates who raise a first order of 100 Nutri Points
Generation Incentive
Generation Level %age
Generation 1 (Self Repurchase) 5
Generation 2 7
Generation 3 4
Generation 4 3
Generation 5 2
Generation 6 2
Generation7 2
Generation8 2
Generation9 1
Generation10 1
Generation11 .5
Generation12 .5
Generation13 .5
Generation14 .5
Generation15 .5
Generation16 .5
Generation17 .5
Generation18 .5
Generation19 .5
Generation20 .5

Rewards & Recognition
  • 100 NP Volume Matching both sides within 10 Days – Gents Watch
  • 500 NP Volume Matching both sides within 20 Days – NW PRODUCTS 3 (3600 MRP)
  • 2500 NP Volume Matching both sides within 30 Days – ONE DAY TRAINING PRGRM + PIN +TOOL KIT+ 2 PRODUCTS WITH LUNCH BREAK.
  • 7500 NP Volume Matching both sides within 45 Days – Mobile ( Worth Rs 5,000/-)
  • 17500 NP Volume Matching both sides within 60 Days – Silver ( Worth Rs 10,000/-)
  • 37500 NP Volume Matching both sides within 90 Days – LED ( Worth Rs 20,000/-)
  • 90000 NP Volume Matching both sides within 150 Days – MAC Air Book
  • 200000 NP Volume Matching both sides within 240 Days – Rs 1 Lakh for Car Down Payment
  • 700000 NP Volume Matching both sides within 365 Days – Gold ( Worth Rs 5 Lakhs )
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